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The Kids’ Mind Body Spirit Directory aims to provide an integrated, user-friendly resource to connect Australian parents with the increasing number of businesses offering services in categories that serve holistic, mindful, and spiritual interests.

With the rate of anxiety and stress in young children on the rise, and occurring as young as three or four years old, it is more important than ever to ways for children to build an emotional tool-kit to deal with the pressures of modern society.

Scientific research continues to prove the varied positive effects of mindfulness, meditation, yoga and time spent playing in nature for children. This includes stress management, self awareness and self regulation, improved sleep, better focus and concentration, and empathy.

It is wonderful to see these concepts becoming more mainstream as parents seek holistic wellbeing options for their family. But in these modern times of global turmoil and fear, it is also important for children to learn how they can contribute to creating a more beautiful world, outside of themselves, through direct action, charitable work and an understanding of alternative economic and political paradigms. Kids’ Mind Body Spirit seeks to support individuals and organisations that support these concepts in a child-focussed way.







Beth Johnson

Kids’ Mind Body Spirit is the creation of mum and multi-passionate entrepreneur, Beth Johnson. After training in children’s meditation and studying early childhood psychology, she saw the need for a hub to connect the wonderful businesses who share her to drive to nurture children’s spirituality, support mental health, and inspire sacred activism within a family and educational setting.

Beth lives on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, working as a writer, designer, and conscious creative. You can follow her various accounts at the below links…

“In a restless, turbulent world, our most urgent work is to create peaceful homes to grow peaceful people in.”

– Rebecca Eanes