For some of you, today’s guest blog by Sara Hocking might seem a little ‘out there’, but look deeper and something may just resonate – especially for those with magical kids. Sara is a Spiritual Alchemist and Dragon Channel who has been working with the Dragons this year to provide guidance, insight and wisdom integral to our spiritual alignment process…


Don’t Slay the Dragons!

Chances are if you have a kid, they’ve got dragons on their radar. Maybe they are coming up in their dreams and they’re scary. Your kids might have a borderline “How to Train Your Dragon” addiction. Or, they might even say that are flying beside the car on the way to daycare in the morning.



Rather than slaying these dragons and banishing them to the far reaches of the kingdom, I’ve got a few compelling reasons to let them stay around.

1. Dragon energy is everywhere right now, from mainstream media to channeled guidance. The Dragons are a collective energy of spiritual masters and non-physical beings who are connected with helping Earth ascend out of this 3D reality, and helping all of us do the same. Stories of dragons go back to ancient civilizations, combine this with the possibility of finding dinosaur skeletons…viola! The first notions of dragons appear! And, a compelling prospect as to why they take on this 3D form now, it’s how people already know them.


2. As sentient, wise beings, they can see the big picture that we can’t. They’re lending their energy to us to help make the journey a little bit easier. (Think Falcor from The Neverending Story, below.) As adults, we’re paving the way for our kids and the enormity of being little Lightworkers in the New Earth Paradigm. Let’s gather all the tools we have to help them be successful!



3. Rather than regarding the dragons as “mythical” creatures, consider them through the lens of spiritual guardians and helpers. And, if your kids are freaking out, helping them understand the dragon energy protects them and is like a spirit guide (or guardian angel).


4. Once you connect with this energy, be ready for a lot of “coincidences” (and by this, I mean, synchronicities) to start piling up. For example, my nephew’s favourite “special effect” on our video calls is the fire-breathing one where he can be a dragon. He’s also gotten a dragon ring out of the gumball machine “by chance.” And, his mom just happened to bring home a book about dragons from the library, within a week of the ring showing up.


5. This is not likely to be a passing “phase,” so get on board and foster your child’s interest in dragons. Let them explore different stories, mythologies, meditations (like the freebie on my website) and shows or movies with dragons. Connecting to the wisdom is as easy as setting an intention to connect to The Dragons and the wisdom and knowledge they have to share.


If it’s still too much for you to wrap your mind around, you can slay them if you must. If you do, good luck cleaning up that mess! 



Sara Hocking works with parents and middle school age+ children, offering 1:1 intuitive and healing sessions, mentoring, as well as group calls. 

You can connect with via her website, Facebook, or Instagram